PAN Card Enquiry

If you are a citizen of India, then one of the most important identity proofs which you must have is your PAN card. The PAN or the permanent account number is a part of the PAN card issued by the income tax department of India under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. Read on for clarification of your PAN card enquiry questions and doubts.

Where Is The PAN Card Required?

The PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is almost mandatory these days in almost all financial transactions. For bank account making and for money transactions, collection of professional fees or taxable salary as well PAN card might be necessary in most cases. If anyone purchases or sells assets beyond the given limited amount then a PAN card needs to be present for identification. This way, the government can keep track on illegal money and tax evasions.

How Can You Apply For You PAN Card?

You can apply for your PAN card directly online. All you have to do is, visit  this website where you can get the form. Open the link provided and a PDF format form will open. Click on the download option and get the form. Fill it up and send it to the required source. It will be approved and processed and your PAN card with your unique PAN will be mailed to your provided address. You can also keep track of your PAN card’s status by filling in the details at the status check for PAN cards. You have to choose a type (form 49a or CSF) and enter your coupon number and you can easily find out the status of the PAN card. If there are any printing details, then apply for correction immediately.

27 thoughts on “PAN Card Enquiry

  1. Abhinash kumar

    Dear Sir,

    Please veryfied following details
    Pan No-BIOPK8174L,
    Date of Birth- 07-07-1979

    Abhinash Kumar

    1. Yogesh Nilajiwar

      Acknowledgment Number : 014570100031690
      Category : Individual
      Status :
      Your PAN card has been delivered on 20-Jun-2009 by First Flight Couriers Pvt. Ltd courier vide airway bill no. ZB1597911,at the address for communication* indicated by you in the application.

      Permanent Account Number (PAN) : BIOPK8174L

  2. sabarinath

    i have applied for a pan card last week .in that i have a dought that my fathers name is M.N Gireendran and in the apion form they asked me to write the expansion of M.N .and i wrote it as Manjamakaparambil Narayanan Gireendran. and in the recipte they have printed like Gireendran narayanan manjamakaparambil .so is there any problem ?? father name is correct but the sur name have been changed so will it cause any problem??

  3. ramchetan vishwakarma

    maine apna pan card 1 year pahale banaya tha but abhi tak nahi aya hai and mere friend bhi banaye the lekin unka toh aa gaya hai……….what i do?

  4. karthiga

    Sir my name in voter id card is printed as karthiga v . So i want my name also to be printed as karthiga v. As in the name field no initials to be used i entered my name as Karthiga. And the name you would like to be printed as Karthiga V. But The application was rejected stating that the name you woukd like to be printed as wrong. What can I do sir?

  5. Shivaji j sahani

    Shivaji J sahani
    Old pan card no. BDXPS1847J
    Date of birth 15/07/1981
    New CSF application 712886180
    Processing Fee coupon no. 547998425
    new application date. 19/11/2013

    mera pan card kaha hai. suchhit kare……..

  6. Jayabrata Biswas

    I had lost my PAN card for which I had already loged an FIR. Presently I am staying in Bangalore and I want to get back duplicate copy of my old one. What shall I do for it. My Pan Card No AJPPB4188C, in the name of JB Biswas which I also want to change as full name i.e. Jayabrata Biswas. Kindly suggest me.


    My pan card had come at the address given
    but there was no one to receive so it went
    back. Kindly issue me the duplicate card.


    sir i have not recieved my pan card till date . when i check status it shows that it lying in mumbay RUD . please do needful for me my pan card no BRQPD5566C and my date of birth is 01/01/1990.

  9. sunita

    Pan card not received yet after two years status showing undelivered and return then what should I do now.

  10. tusarkanta giri

    Dear, Sir
    I sent my pan application last month. when will get my pan card?
    my reference number 201409223163,coupon number 554968965
    pls need feedback…….

  11. BalakumaranPs

    Who can I contact, when i don’t receive my pan card ,I just checked my Pan number, and it’s in active status, pls help me sir…my pan number is CAWPB8364A



    Can we get this full name printed on Pan Card??
    Or how many characters (Including Space) will take in PAN Card


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