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Status Checking Of Your PAN Card: How to Do It?
If you have applied for your PAN card, then you must have been informed that the processing, approval and crosschecking will take about 2 weeks and then it will be delivered to you. If you don’t receive your PAN card even after 2 weeks, then you can go online and check the status of your PAN card in progress.

Check status of your PAN card
You can check the progress of your PAN card at the PAN card status site. Put in the type of PAN card you have applied for (Pan card form 49a or CSF) and the coupon code, which you have been provided with, and find out the PAN card status. After checking the status of PAN card, you can then feel relieved and satisfied. You can check your online status for your PAN card, you can check out this link –

What is the significance of your number of the PAN card?
A PAN card contains a unique identification alphanumeric code, which is different for each cardholder. These characters are based on the name of the individual card type and various sequences of alphabets from A to Z and combinations of numbers from 0 to 9. The code doesn’t change if you shift cities or states in India. That’s why PAN stands for Permanent Account Number.

The PAN card’s importance
With the help of the PAN card, the government can keep track on tax evasions, to keep check on large bulk amounts of purchase and sales of individuals which cross limitations provided and for bank transfers, accounts and for collection of professional fees and taxable salary income. The Income Tax Department of India issues the PAN cards and it’s supervised by the CBDT.

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